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Our Businesses
Modular Accommodation

Experts in modular construction.

Modular Accommodation

Fleetwood Australia leads the market in modular construction. We work with government departments, owners, architects and engineers to design and build custom modular buildings predominately for the affordable housing, education, corrections and mining industries.

We have invested years fine-tuning our design capability and manufacturing processes to benefit our customers. Our expert team collectively brings technical knowledge, experience and resourcefulness to the delivery of every project. Fleetwood Australia’s mission is to lead Australia’s modular industry with a focus on design and delivery excellence.

Fleetwood Australia’s headquarters are in Melbourne with operations across Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

For further information on Fleetwood Australia, visit www.fleetwood.com.au.

Parts & Accessories

Manufacture and distribution of
recreational and commercial vehicle
parts and accessories.

Parts & Services

Fleetwood’s Parts and Services business is comprised of two companies: Camec and Northern RV.

Camec was founded in 1963 when the need for a specialised caravan repair business to service the growing caravan tourism industry was identified.

Today, Camec imports, manufactures and distributes many leading products to the recreational vehicle industry, having built many strong and lasting relationships with suppliers around the world. Camec is a leading supplier of recreational vehicle and caravan components to all segments throughout Australia and New Zealand.

For further information on Camec, visit www.camec.com.au.

Northern RV was acquired in 2018. It has over 20 years’ experience in servicing the caravan and motorhome industry with repairs, insurance claims, servicing, parts and accessories. Specialising in plumbing, electrical and gas, Northern RV also provides caravan repairs.

Northern RV is based in Campbellfield, Victoria and provides a unique service to customers, caravan builders and manufacturers throughout the industry with qualified and licensed tradesmen.

For further information on Northern RV visit www.northernrv.com.au.

Modular Operation

Operation of accommodation
villages - Searipple Village in Karratha and
Osprey Village in South Hedland.

Village Operations

Fleetwood has designed, built and continues to operate two major accommodation villages in Western Australia.

Searipple Village: Searipple Village is one of the largest accommodation villages in Western Australia, offering over 1,300 rooms across 15 hectares. Constructed, owned and operated by Fleetwood, it was purpose-built to meet the needs of the Karratha region in Western Australia.

For further information on Searipple Village, visit www.searipple.com.au

Osprey Village: Osprey Village provides affordable housing for the South Hedland region, offering 293 high quality dwellings. Osprey Village was a joint initiative between the Government of Western Australia Housing Authority, Royalties for Regions and Fleetwood and is now owned by the Housing Authority and operated by Fleetwood.   

For further information on Osprey Village, visit www.ospreyvillage.com.au.